How to cure chronic disease

How to heal from within :

Chronic Diseases are not curable or prevented by vaccines or other types of medication, nor do they just disappear. Chronic diseases tend to become more common with age . 88 percentage of Americans over 65 years of age have at-least one or more chronic diseases as per U.S. National Centre for Health Statistics.

If you are someone who is suffering from a chronic disease, you have come to the right place. in this article we will discuss about how human body, mind, emotion & energies are interconnected with a chronic disease. As we all know chronic disease simply means that your own body have turned against you in some way, by having a outside help from a doctor may reduce your symptoms but it will never cure it completely in most cases . so it’s time to have a deeper look inside the human mechanism.

Here are our simple steps to Heal yourself from inside.

1.) Stay Physically Active –

It is found that people who are physically active are less prone to have any chronic disease. Any form of physical activity like dancing, zumba, yoga, Gym,walking or running is important in everybody’s life to have a healthy lifestyle. according to a survey in United State of America we are doing 200 times less physical activity than a person who lived on the same place 100 years ago. this is simply because of the comfort and convenience which is technologies are providing us today. so being physically active is the basic step to have a disease free life.

2.) Having Sufficient Sun Exposure –

Modern societies have forgotten the impact of sun on the human body. Everything on the Planet earth is mainly because of the light of the sun. Most people don’t understand the significance of sun and how it influence the human mechanism. people who gets enough amount of sun exposure such as people who work on fields or outdoors have less chances of getting a chronic disease. if you integrate the sun within you on a daily basis it will have a significant role on your health over a period of time. If you are someone who is concerned about the UV rays or sun-tan ,you can use anti-UV SPF 30 or higher to protect yourself from sun-tan. but if you are not concerned about the sun-tan you are ready to go for a sunset or sunrise to experience the higher dimension of life. it will also balance your emotional and hormonal imbalance.

3.) Being Food Conscious –

Food is the primary source for your body. According to Ayurveda Food is Medicine by itself.  What, When and How to eat is very important. People who are living a modern lifestyles have thousands of option to eat, but very less information about what they are eating is good or not according to their health condition. if you are suffering from a chronic disease, certain types of food can further aggravate the process or at the same time you can minimise your symptoms by choosing the right kind of food. A balanced alkaline diet will help you in long run.

4.) Meditation –

when it comes to meditation the benefits of meditation are immense. meditation has much more than what you could ever imagine. meditation benefits the human body in various ways. it decreases the amount of one of the well known stress hormone Cortisol . Truth be told, Cortisol does huge harm to our bodies.

Consistent practice of meditation builds levels of the neurotransmitters SEROTONIN and GABA which are state of mind stabilizers. Brought down levels of GABA have been related with expanded uneasiness, strain and sleep deprivation

it ends up obvious that contemplation has critical effect on how well the resistant framework works as we have just observed by the diminishing of cortisol and the expansion of “solid” synthetic compounds, for example, DHEA, human development hormone and melatonin. Be that as it may, another way the safe framework recovers itself is the point at which we rest and individuals who think rest better. More profound rest expands recharging, revival and expanded resistant framework working.

Conclusion :

Chronic diseases are hard to treat , in most cases they are lifelong but many people have successfully got rid of them by following simple guidelines. always try to avoid the factors that triggers your symptoms. if you have a chronic disease it is also highly recommended to detox your entire body from inside. if you want to know more about full body detoxification make sure you check out our full body detoxification diet article .

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