DIY hair mask for curly hair

Top DIY hair mask for curly hair

when it comes to hair mask, before applying any of the hair mask you need to understand that Heating, straightening, blow drying, curling or dying , all of them will damage your hair if you use them on a regular basis. even researches shows shampooing your hair too often canalso damage your hair in long run. make sure you don’t over-use them. if you have curly hair already these techniques will make your hair even worse if you use regularly.

so here we have 6 awesome hair mask which you can apply to nourish your damage hair and get a healthy looking hair. these hair mask will not only make your hair straight & healthy, also they will make them strong from the roots which will prevent hair fall.

1. Glossy Hair.

if your hair has lost its sparkle and shine because of the overuse of styling products then you require a mask that will make them shiny & strong. You simply need to glance through your cupboards for three basic things:

Egg Yolk


Coconut Oil

Mix these fixings together until the point when you have a flowy blend at that point apply it to your hair strands precisely. You can abandon it on for one hour to three hours and after that wash it off. Every one of the three fixings in this cover are brimming with hydrating characteristics and they will leave your inclination smooth and gleaming.

2.  Hair Fall

In the event that your hair is diminishing or tumbling off you may be stressed. A reasoning hairline can be aftereffect of stress or malnourished. Shockingly, you require just a single element for thicker hair.


You need to separate juice from a couple of onions relying upon your hair size and volume. Put the concentrate everywhere on your scalp and wash it following 60 minutes. It helps collagen creation that advances development of hair follicles.

3. Split Ends

Split closures are basic issue for young ladies who utilize exorbitant warmth on their hair. In any case, other than getting a trim you can utilize a cover made in home to settle them. You will require the accompanying fixings:

Egg Yolk


Mustard Oil

This blend of fixings originates from South Asian people group. It has been utilized for quite a long time to settle part closes and harmed hair. In the event that you consistently utilize this blend you will see huge contrast in the surface of your hair.

4. Sleek/Oily Hair

Largely a few people have dry hair, others experience the ill effects of overproduction of oil on their scalp. Nonetheless, washing it off each day will just exacerbate it. On the off chance that you have sleek hair you simply require these fixings to influence a hair to veil:

Aloe Vera



Blend every one of these fixings well and put the blend in your hair. These fixings will adjust the oil generation and slaughter of hurtful microorganisms that is causing inordinate oil creation. Notwithstanding that, they will likewise make your hair gentler and more wonderful.

5. Wavy/Glistening Curls

Wavy hair is normally drier than straight hair in this manner you have to put a hair veil each maybe a couple weeks with the goal that your twists look sound and smooth. You can utilize the accompanying fixings to support your twists:




Pound every one of the fixings and blend them well. At that point deliberately part your hair and put the blend on your hair strands. You can abandon it medium-term for additional smooth hair or you can wash it off inside 60 minutes. This is an exceedingly saturating cover that will leave your twists looking glossier.

6. Long Hair

if you are one of them who adore long hair yet your hair development is moderate you may know the battle of pausing. By treating your hair with legitimate back rub and fixings you can build the development. Here is a veil that you can use for long hair:

Morrocan Argan Oil

Castor Oil

Additional Virgin Olive Oil

Blend these in satisfactory sum and afterward place it in your hair. Back rub the blend well from your scalp to the tips. Brushing your hair in the wake of putting the blend on will likewise support development. This blend is brimming with fixings that sustain your scalp and help in development. Castor oil is particularly valuable with regards to advancing development.


So, you can make hair mask at home as opposed to heading off to a salon. On the off chance that your hair has endured because of styling it is basic to remunerate with saturating packs and DIY veils. You can purchase every one of these fixings effortlessly from any market or discover them in your kitchen cupboard. You can likewise buy different imported hair oils that will sustain and bolster your hair.

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