Best acne removal creams in india

Best pimple removal cream in india

Acne is the condition we all have to suffer sooner or later in our lifetime. specially in the young age acne are more prominent and difficult to get rid of, because of the various factors including hormonal changes, bad lifestyle, unhealthy diet etc. You can not get rid of acne permanently because it depends on many many factors. although you can minimise the size of the pimples and prevent it from having more frequently if you follow simple steps such as having a proper diet which is full of anti-oxidants , drinking 4-5 litters of water every day, keeping an eye on your daily intake of salt and sugar which can easily cause inflammation if you have a acne prone skin etc. you should try some home remedies as well such as icing to get rid of inflammation fast.

Here are our top 5 recommended topical creams you can apply to say good-bye to your acne.

1. D Acne Gel :

best creams for acne

D acne gel is our first recommendation for the people who have oily skin which is very prone to acne. the active ingredient in the gel is Clindamycin Phosphate. you can apply this gel on the effected area after washing your face with your regular face-wash. you can apply this gel in day-time as well as night.  you can see the effect of this gel from very first day. it is highly recommended for Red Active Pimple.

You can find this gel over the counter as well as online web-portal such as and .

Price : Rs.125/- for 15gm tube.

2. Retino-A Cream :

best creams for acne

Retin – a comes in different quantity such as 0.25%, 0.05% and 0.1%. your dermatologist may suggest you any of them after examine the type of pimples. but usually 0.05% is mild one and give best result in majority of the people.

The active ingredient in this cream is Tretinion. wash your face with your regular face wash before applying the cream, wait for 10-15 minutes than apply to the effected area in small quantity, using too much will not give you fast results.

Price : Rs.170/- for 20gm tube.

3. Benzoyl peroxide gel :

best creams for acne

This gel also comes in different quantity. always try to get Benzoly Peroxide 5%. you can buy this with or without prescription but some of the other version such as lotions ,cleanser may required a medical prescription. this gel is easily available over the counter. Before applying the cream wash your face with gentle face wash. after drying your face apply this gel on the effected area in small quantity. for best result apply before bedtime.

Note : Before applying this gel make sure you have active pimple, if your acne is not active this might make the situation worse.

Price: may vary between Rs.70 to Rs. 150/- (Depend on the Brand)

4. salicylic acid cream :

best creams for acne

Salicylic acid is both profoundly keratolytic and comedolytic; this implies it not just helps expel dead skin cells and enhance the body’s normal peeling process, yet can likewise get into more profound layers of the skin and work underneath the surface. Salicylic acid infiltrates skin and separates cells inside the epidermis. The epidermis (the skin’s peripheral layer) contains cells which stick together in the internal coating of pores, known as desmosomes. At the point when these pores end up stopped up with soil, oil, dead skin or flotsam and jetsam, they prompt flaws, for example, those troublesome whiteheads and zits we know—and loathe. The oil-solvent nature of salicylic acid and BHAs enables them to reach profoundly into the sebum-filled pores.

5. Aziderm cream :

best creams for acne

Number 5 in our list is aiderm cream. if above creams does not work or you have any skin disease such as any kind of dermatitis Aziderm cream will be a good option to look at. Aziderm 20% Cream works by ceasing the generation of basic substances in specific microbes, in this manner halting them developing. it will stop the bacterial growth which leads to skin diseases and give you some better result from the first week. do not use this cream for a period of more than 12 months.

Conclusion :

Acne is one of the well-known issue all over the world, everyone gets acne in some phase of their lives.although acne creams are useful in getting rid of skin break out & pimples, however the majority of them have a similar disadvantage. It makes your skin extremely sensative to daylight. So when you utilize a skin break out control cream, utilize a decent sunblock cream also.

Attempt a portion of the skin break out creams we specified. They work for the vast majority. You don’t need to live with skin inflammation all over. With such huge numbers of compelling acne creams & medicines, you most likely can discover skin inflammation treatment that would really work for you.




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